CD Digipak

CD Digifile is produced from cardboard; this could have a number of finishes and panels. There also are options for the addition of a book . fabric: 250 280 gsm cardboard GC 1format: 125 mm X 125 mm closed size std. finish: water based glossyvariations: turnaround time: 10 operating days,packaging: handformat: CD,DVD, A5, midsize, booksize, 8cm Digifileoptional finish: matt varnish, embossing, opposite side print, diecutMore info you could find here: . Although 10 operating days is our standard lead time, it is not uncommon for us to minimize this just a little when needed.

Drupalcamp Ruhr 2018, Best Camp


Drupalcamp Ruhr was one of the nicer camp I have ever enjoyed.

A lot of nice people with much of courage to share ideas and discussion. I really like it.

Another nice thing I have notices was, Camps in Germany are usually more German talks, but this was first camp where everyone was willing to talk/present share ideas discussion in English. I does not mean only English should be there but atleast I saw some respect of the audience.

And than last but not the least my talk about decoupled Drupal and presentation

Drupal Camp Schwerin


Technology and nature can travell togather?

Last week I got a chance to visit Germany's north area near Hamburg: Schwerin for drupalcamp Schwerin.

Schwerin Hauptbahnhof


Schwerin Haus am See

Drupalcon Vienna 2017


It was amazing drupalcon in Vienna, have alot of informative sessions and stories.

I love it.

Alot to learn and share ideas and get ideas from drupalers.

Here is also how many people participated:

drupal con Vienna

Out-of-the-box checkout: Post product information from drupal 7 to drupal 8

After upgrading Checkout system from simple php application to drupal 8, we had our product informations into another drupal 7 based system.

This toolbox system in drupal 7 offer marketing Landing pages by content editors. Setting their headers, footers and product combinations as it was magazine site.

After Product selection we have to post this product information to drupal 8 checkout system, so on form_submit we redirect to a gateway php which translate everything into an searlized object encode and post to drupal 8 checkout system.

Minimum viable product using Drupal 7

There are many solutions now to build Minimum viable product using Drupal 8, using rest api, Json

Drupal 8 actually provides a lot of capabilities for decouple frontend using headless Drupal. 

But what was with Drupal 7? not straight forward solution with Drupal 7. 

With Drupal 7, using paragraph and field collection Content modeled as Entities. 

With custom Drupal modules and entities to generate Json for each Entity and moving these files to frontend. 

Schedule contents with drupal 7

For decoupled Drupal Frontend, it is really a challage to Schedule your content by Scheduler Module cron. But Rules module makes it event easier and gives alot of possibilties to schedule your content even decouple drupal frontend.

Create Rule Action with hook_rules_action_info and do whatever in callback, for me I created json files for my decoupled frontend source.

Use this action to be triggered in Drupal Rule module when content is published or unpublished by scheduler cron... thats it :)

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