Drupalcamp Ruhr 2018, Best Camp


Drupalcamp Ruhr was one of the nicer camp I have ever enjoyed.

A lot of nice people with much of courage to share ideas and discussion. I really like it.

Another nice thing I have notices was, Camps in Germany are usually more German talks, but this was first camp where everyone was willing to talk/present share ideas discussion in English. I does not mean only English should be there but atleast I saw some respect of the audience.

Drupalcamp Ruhr

There was also nice discussion panel instead of keynotes where 6, 7 people share best of their Knowledge.

The location was Perfect, I came by walk from Essen HBF in almost 15 to 20 minutes.

The building look wired to me at first sight "unperkthaus" but I spent 2 days, I really like it, Food was also very nice.

Overall I really like these camps in and around Germany.


Here are some Highlights: Session Day 1:

Session Day 2:


Another Interesting topic:

Nicer Talk about Community Building:

Key Discussion:

And than last but not the least my talk about decoupled Drupal and presentation